Our New Name: Farragut Academy

The Vallejo Educational Academy is a community day program providing educational services to Vallejo City Unified School District students.   

In 2008, the community day school was named Vallejo Educational Academy with input from staff, students, and the community.  This program is often referred to as VEA and the local teacher's association, Vallejo Education Association, is also referred to as VEA, which has caused confusion.

The naming process is outlined in Board Policy 7310: Naming of Facility.  This policy states that the “Governing Board shall name district schools…in recognition of “individuals, or geographic areas in which the school is located…”  The policy further states that, “Any name adopted for any new school shall not be so similar to the name of any existing district school as to result in confusion to the members of the community…”  Although the Vallejo Educational Academy is a program, not a school the Board may want to consider Board Policy.  

Since the program is occupying the old Farragut Elementary School campus, the VCUSD School Board voted to change the name of the program to Farragut Academy, on March 7, 2018.